Links I’m Loving | Vol. 1

This past week, I've come across some amazing articles that I'd love to share the links to. Despite the craziness that is university life and being a medical student, I managed to stumble across some very inspiring reads: My black book by @medimism (IG and blog). This post details the many uses of a simple …


How I Draw Diagrams in Biology HL

Most people recognise my notes in IB Biology from their diagrams. For me, drawing them was one of the best ways of understanding the content and being able to remember it. I am able to condense a page of text into one diagram in most cases. Since I began sharing my notes with others, I've …

UCAS Personal Statement for Medicine | Medical School Guide

Are you writing your personal statement for medicine and have no idea where to begin? Maybe you’re staring at a blank word document, waiting for the words to come pouring out of you. Maybe you’ve already written a draft and have no idea where to cut words from. Whichever stage of the personal statement writing process you are at, it’s never easy, but I’m here to help you out.